Rocketship Education: A Real Alternative

A good education is the best way to ensure that your child has a bright future ahead of them; unfortunately, however, many public school-aged children are relegated to attending underperforming schools, based on the district that they reside in. Thankfully, Rocketship Education provides an alternative; if you’re unfamiliar with Rocketship Education, it is a network of public charter schools available to elementary-aged students.

These non-profit charter schools are aimed at low-income families, who would otherwise have to settle for schools in their district that doesn’t meet the children’s needs. Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education has made it a mission to provide children with personalized learning, which includes parental engagement, community organizations, and unique lesson plans.

Since opening its first school in San Jose, California, Rocketship Education has earned tremendous praise for helping students score well on state assessments, and for making charter schools a viable alternative for low-income families. In an effort to build on its success in California, Rocketship Education has opened charter schools in the Midwest and as of 2016, opened a school in Washinton, D.

About Rocketship Public Schools

At Rocketship Public Schools, we believe in the infinite possibility of human potential.

We believe that every student deserves the right to dream, to discover, and to develop their unique potential. And it is our responsibility and our privilege to unleash the potential inside every Rocketeer we serve. Our non-profit network of public elementary charter schools propels student achievement, develops exceptional educators, and partners with parents who enable high-quality public schools to thrive in their community.

Our Vision

To eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime.

Our Mission

To catalyze transformative change in low-income communities through a scalable and sustainable public school model that propels student achievement develops exceptional educators and partners with parents who enable high-quality public schools to thrive in their community.

Our Values

Authenticity: We deliver transparency in our work – assessing how we are doing, growing and learning with honesty and humility.

Community: We seek a diverse set of perspectives to build understanding as we work toward our greater purpose.

Tenacity: We pursue our goals relentlessly and take courageous steps to reach ambitious outcomes.

Innovation: We challenge the status quo and take responsible risks in pursuit of meaningful impact.

Excellence: We believe all children can succeed and are committed to unleashing the potential inside every Rocketeer.

Our Three Pillars

Our transformational public schools are built on three pillars.

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Phone: 877-806-0920
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